Claire Hewison


Homeopath, Nutritional Therapist

I qualified in homeopathy in  2001 and Nutritional Therapy  5 years later.  The combination of these two therapies have been helpful to my clients over the years.

I enjoy treating people of all ages, but am particularly excited about treating children, since my earliest experience with homeopathy was with my own son.

I now have two sons, both in their 20s and both of whom are well versed in homeopathy.  Any sports injuries, coughs, colds, etc that they may encounter are all treated homeopathically.

I formerly worked for Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy in London’s West End, on the free homeopathic helpline that they provide.  Having worked there for 7 years it provided me with incredibly valuable experience in dealing with “acute” conditions, e.g. anybody with minor injuries, children who are teething or displaying “cold” symptoms, earaches, difficulty sleeping, travel sickness, jet lag, bites and stings, very much “first aid” kind of concerns that can be dealt with over the phone.

In 2013 I travelled to Ghana with the Ghana Homeopathy Project to volunteer my services and to study.  It was an extraordinary experience and you can read my account of my travels below.

Briefly, I was studying under 2 of the most prestigious and experienced homeopaths in India, Drs. Kalyan and Kalisankar.  It was a journey, in every respect, and I shall never forget the warmth and the genuineness of the Ghanaian people.  Again, I learned so much and I like to think that this has benefitted my practice and my patients.

The Ghana Homeopathy Project

It wouldn’t be possible to relay in such a short space, all of the experiences and incredible examples of beauty and positivity that this journey provided me with.

The project is centred in Mafi Seva, a village some 4 hours drive from Accra, where homeopathy is playing such an important part in the every day life of the villagers, both locally and further afield.

The clinics are held, at Mafi Seva and several “outreach” clincs, several hours’ drive away, usually outside under the trees.  Patients arrive randomly, sit and wait their turn, and when they do, everything stops in order to take their case and treat accordingly.

It is extraordinary to witness the wonderful work that is being carried out here.

Furthermore, the project leaders at Mafi Sevi have spearheaded a water project that is currently serving some 33 villages in the area.  Obviously, this is a livesaving facility which has been a backbreaking task for those involved.

Like everything else at this incredible Centre, it has been carried out with dignity and commitment.